Thursday, March 31, 2011

memori itu

satu hasrat,satu semangat,satu tekad

2 januari 2011 merupakan tarikh yang sgt2 tidak dinantikan oleh saye.. plkn! yup..program latihan khidmat negara.. tak taw la cmne nk describe saye punye perasaan.. happy? sama sekali tidak.. bukannye ape...yelahh kn..sume bnde da plan lps spm then sddenly dpt plk 'tawaran' plkn...malangnye..that so-called tawaran 2 x blh ditolak..hemm...

sumber: google ;)

nak x nak pg 2.. berbekalkn beg sandang dan beg tarik saya pon pergilah ke meja pndftran.. then pegilah cari bas..ape ek no bas 2..BKP 1... ape tah x igt.. saya pon masokkn lah beg kt dalam bas..mse nk msokkn 2.. masyaALLAH~ berngondoh-ngondoh..*berebut-rebut mcm lahhh x muat.. WTH!! 2 sememangnye mood x brape nk baik.. haduii..2 psllah jd mcm tue.. breakfast pon x..ape pon x..

mcm ginilahh rupanye 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

hai hai sane sini ;)

                                    smile to the one u loved..:)

assalamualaikum.. i'm a girl with the name of nurr....yeahh...i know it cant be just nurr kn? hehe.. but it would be very nice if u call me nur. actually, this is not my first blog..i mean i have a blog before but then i feel like i cant update it since i was away from a place named school~ so im back with a new life, new story..

i dont really like writing.. blogging is not my first choice if i get bored.. so why am i here? i just dont know.. when the school is over.. so i find it hards for me to find a friend to talk with hanging out and lepak2 here and there.. its not because of i dont hve friends.. its because  of my friends....most of them  are working or perhaps they hve something to do which more important than lepak2 with me.. i know its not good to lepak2 kn... tp it usually helps me! :)hehe  so.. i think this is my muqadimah for this blog.. im not going to 'write' in eng in all my entry...i just do it when i feel like i want to oke... so if theres broken eng..hehe  really soryyyy..  u can alwys tegur2 oke..thx for reading..