Saturday, September 10, 2011

raya 2011

today's entry is about raya!
i know its a bit late for me to post since we are in the 2nd week of raya..
but still i feel like writing something about it..

we start with cleaning the house..
and evryone was like..'alaaa buuu..thn ni x yah la'
then ibu replied 'okayy..x nk kemas rmh kite x yah g mne2..bju rye sume ditarik balik'
what a great package rite? =,=
its like our yearly 'kerja amal'..
take it or leave it..
*well..thats not an option okayyy..
like it or nott..u still have to sental sental here and there..
it went about 2 days..*sigh*

cenggini la rupanye :p

entah ape yg di'drill' kan tuu..

then, the next day...1 day before syawal..
we cooked the main menu for raya which is rendang ayam, ketupat  and also kuah kacang..:))

rendang ayam :) 

ketupat pula :)

really really tiredd..
we are still fasting at that time..but i think most of us were used to it..
well..its our yearly 'kerja amal' :p next year maybe i cant  not join them for the kerja amal..
yeahhhh!!! haha
naaahhh... i'll definitely gonna miss it..:(
after all done.. we all watch tv till late night.. sahur what..:p

okayy..i think thats all for now..
actlly im writing this for myself..haha
so in the next few years..if i cant be with them for hari raya..
i can still feel the excitement :p

slamat hari raya.maaf zahir dan batin. :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

no title =)

insyaALLAH =)

assalamualaikum :)
lme x mengepost kann..lately ni agak busy..busy dengan tv dan fb..hehe :p
hmm..just a few weeks, a few days to goo..
entah ape perasaan saye..sukar digambarr..
ade rase sedihh..
ade rase excited..
ade rase nervous..
 segala macam perasaan ade..
cuak pon ade..
yelahh..ddk negara org..
berjuta batu jauh dr keluarga..
mcm mana lah agaknye..
sebelom ni...kat spinta yg 30minit dr rumah tu pon..
mak sye still kne jenguk tiap 2 mggu..haha

alhamdulillah..housemate sume okayy
kami bhubung thru fb je..siap wat group housemate lagi..
yg ahlinye hanye 6 orang! haha
but it really helps actlly...
kami jd rapat dari situ..
share everything yg kami tahuu..
and i spend most of my time while online-ing
with them <3

memandangkan saye dh nk start hidup baru..
so i make quite a lot research on medic student's life..
antaranye abang ni :)
saye bce smpai habis..every single word..
teruja :)
tp ble smpai part examm..rse cmm..
'alamaakkk..habislahh akuu..'
but then i get motivated..:)
ni lagi satu..bacelahh..
this is what i want..
bile saye bace entry tu..
i know im gonna love it..
yelahh dlu..x sempat pon nk bedah katakkk..:( jeles gile tgk klas sebelah bedah katak..

i know its going to be really hard..
but i'll make sure its gonna be okayy..
it has to be okay no matter what!