Saturday, September 10, 2011

raya 2011

today's entry is about raya!
i know its a bit late for me to post since we are in the 2nd week of raya..
but still i feel like writing something about it..

we start with cleaning the house..
and evryone was like..'alaaa buuu..thn ni x yah la'
then ibu replied 'okayy..x nk kemas rmh kite x yah g mne2..bju rye sume ditarik balik'
what a great package rite? =,=
its like our yearly 'kerja amal'..
take it or leave it..
*well..thats not an option okayyy..
like it or nott..u still have to sental sental here and there..
it went about 2 days..*sigh*

cenggini la rupanye :p

entah ape yg di'drill' kan tuu..

then, the next day...1 day before syawal..
we cooked the main menu for raya which is rendang ayam, ketupat  and also kuah kacang..:))

rendang ayam :) 

ketupat pula :)

really really tiredd..
we are still fasting at that time..but i think most of us were used to it..
well..its our yearly 'kerja amal' :p next year maybe i cant  not join them for the kerja amal..
yeahhhh!!! haha
naaahhh... i'll definitely gonna miss it..:(
after all done.. we all watch tv till late night.. sahur what..:p

okayy..i think thats all for now..
actlly im writing this for myself..haha
so in the next few years..if i cant be with them for hari raya..
i can still feel the excitement :p

slamat hari raya.maaf zahir dan batin. :)

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