Wednesday, March 30, 2011

hai hai sane sini ;)

                                    smile to the one u loved..:)

assalamualaikum.. i'm a girl with the name of nurr....yeahh...i know it cant be just nurr kn? hehe.. but it would be very nice if u call me nur. actually, this is not my first blog..i mean i have a blog before but then i feel like i cant update it since i was away from a place named school~ so im back with a new life, new story..

i dont really like writing.. blogging is not my first choice if i get bored.. so why am i here? i just dont know.. when the school is over.. so i find it hards for me to find a friend to talk with hanging out and lepak2 here and there.. its not because of i dont hve friends.. its because  of my friends....most of them  are working or perhaps they hve something to do which more important than lepak2 with me.. i know its not good to lepak2 kn... tp it usually helps me! :)hehe  so.. i think this is my muqadimah for this blog.. im not going to 'write' in eng in all my entry...i just do it when i feel like i want to oke... so if theres broken eng..hehe  really soryyyy..  u can alwys tegur2 oke..thx for reading..

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